Project 3×5 : week 4 (May 1 – 7)

5/1/11 ~ We should be so lucky as to have a rock bottom. It’s only a myth.


5/2/11 ~ There are no words, there are too many words. I feel like I’m going to explode, but completely empty at the same time. I want to stop, but if I do, I’ll die. I want to move forward, my heart keeps me in the past. There is no place for me…


5/3/11 ~ Granted, I didn’t have very many chips left–but they were all on the table.


5/4/11 ~ Complacency is my greatest fear.


5/5/11 ~ Do nothing–let it wash over you.


5/6/11 ~ Maybe feeling blank is like being put on “reset.” You might not know how to program the time at first, but it gets figured out eventually.


5/7/11 ~ Despite it all, despite the pain, heartbreak, the feeling that nothing I do is (or will ever be) good enough–and maybe because of it all–I still want to be a nicer person, a better person, a good person.


Copyright © 2011 Hiphung Lam & Tiffany Lee


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