Project 3×5 : week 11 (June 19 – 25)

6/19/11 ~ He said, “It’s fun to have fun.” It is.


6/20/11 ~ I’m going to blame that jumpy, racing, heart-in-my-mouth feeling on beautiful, blue skies and an overactive thyroid. It can’t be anything else. I won’t let it.


6/21/11 ~
summer restlessness,
the tragedy of a potted orchid
in a law firm reception area,
the artificial chill of office building air conditioning on a hot day,
the impatience stemming from 3 more work days,
the anticipation of more.


6/22/11 ~
connected by an invisible, yet indestructible thread
some days it pulls harder than others,
but it’s always there


6/23/11 ~
Two apartment fires in one month?
Dear Neighbors,
You suck!!!


6/24/11 ~ Sometimes the anticipation is better than the reality, but the reality can be pretty damn good too.


6/25/11 ~ There’s no such thing as perfection, but days like this show that there are little windows of perfect.


Copyright © 2011 Hiphung Lam & Tiffany Lee


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