Project 3×5 : week 18 (Aug 7 – 13)

If this is your first visit and/or you’re confused, please visit the About page for Project 3×5.


8/7/11 ~ I don’t know how or why, but the shift is palpable.


8/8/11 ~ Mondays. Instead of talking about the weather and other innocuous pleasantries, why don’t we all talk about weekend benders and speculate on the sordid sexual escapades of our coworkers?


8/9/11 ~ Haven’t jumped all the way in, but the water’s up to my waist.


8/10/11 ~ He looked at me, and asked me directly. I didn’t say yes, but I didn’t say no, either…


8/11/11 ~ It suddenly hit me—it wasn’t the inability to open new doors that scared me. No, I was scared because the decision meant closing another door that I had always left ajar…


8/12/11 ~ the novelty of newness, a wink and a secret smile, a tiny world where everything is okay for a second.


8/13/11 ~ some things just never get old.


Copyright © 2011 Hiphung Lam & Tiffany Lee


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