Project 3×5 : week 20 (Aug 21 – 27)

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8/21/11 ~ Spinning a little, let’s bring it on back.


8/22/11 ~ It’s okay to be happy. Stop waiting for the other shoe to drop…


8/23/11 ~

“Because she was on her cell phone. And because she was retarded.”

“Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.”


8/24/11 ~ You can’t fast forward the pain. You’ll have to stay in it and wait it out. Because pain is both the poison and the antidote to healing.


8/25/11 ~ Everything ebbs and flows, moves in phases, appears, disappears, reappears. It’s all okay because now I see circles where I once only saw straight lines.


8/26/11 ~ Sometimes I look around me and try to remember that I am a grown ass woman. Contrary to popular belief.


8/27/11 ~ Neither on a pedestal nor needing to be saved…


Copyright © 2011 Hiphung Lam & Tiffany Lee


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