Project 3×5 : week 29 (Oct 23 – 29)

If you just do exactly as Jack Bauer says, you may survive this…

If this is your first visit and/or you’re confused, please visit the About page for Project 3×5.


10/23/11 ~ I remember how, at 15, it was such a huge revelation to first realize the difference between being lonely and being alone.  And, as the years have gone by, the value of having time alone has only increased.


10/24/11 ~ Not sure if it’s me or him, but whatever it is, it’s good.


10/25/11 ~ Not to belabor the point, but that was pretty damn amazing…


10/26/11~ Consider your purpose.


10/27/11 ~ My TB test came in clear. It’s nice to know that I don’t necessarily get every weird disease in the world.


10/28/11 ~ The world is large and unyielding, but his heart beats strong and true.


10/29/11 ~ I’ll give it a go…


Copyright © 2011 Hiphung Lam & Tiffany Lee


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