Project 3×5

An experiment in blind captioning:

The concept for this project grew out of something very simple: My friend, Tiffany, wanted to do something creative with index cards. So this is our first go at something creative with index cards…

Every day at 3:05pm*, I compose something to draw on my 3×5 card. At the same time, 400 miles away, Tiffany writes down a phrase, paragraph, or whatever it strikes her to write at that moment, on her own 3×5 card. At the end of the week, we share what we’ve got. Sometimes the words and pictures go together so well, it’s uncanny. Most of the time they just don’t…

*Note: Due to the fact that I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs at 3:05pm every day (just most days),  I may not actually be drawing at that exact time. Many of the days, I compose the picture or get the general idea in my head at that time and then put it down on paper a little later. Sorry to burst the bubble, if there was one…


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